Dress to impress. We spend most of our lives at work, which means that having the right dress code cannot be undermined. How employees dress is a reflection of their attitudes towards their jobs and often mirrors a company’s culture. Business clothes should convey professionalism, but also offer comfort to their wearers. After all, wearing the proper business attire can often lead to a step up in a person’s career.

Al Mona Uniforms offers a large selection of corporate uniform designs for men and women and provides fully-customized options to meet the requirements of various corporations. With the help of our experienced staff, we supply companies with tailor-made female office uniforms that are based on contemporary styles and elegant designs. The same goes for men’s office garments. Using good-quality and durable material, as always, is one of the main reasons why we continue to retain returning customers.

So what are some of the indispensable items that ought to be part of every corporate individual’s wardrobe?

For Men:

  1. An elegant suit
  2. Casual leather belt
  3. White cuffed shirt and cufflinks
  4. Formal black shoes (preferably with laces)
  5. Dress socks
  6. Classic silk tie
  7. Charcoal sweater
  8. Casual shirt with a button down collar

For Women:

  1. Knee length black dress
  2. Smart white shirt
  3. Skirt that flatters your calves
  4. Smart silk scarf or a pashmina wrap
  5. Strappy elegant shoes
  6. An evening suit which consists of a skirt, pant, jacket ( in a dark or a neutral color)
  7. Jewelry that goes with any formal attire. It can be either gold or silver depending on your skin color and choice, the design needs to suit your face.
  8. Leather hand bags

Let us help you find the perfect corporate look for your company! You don’t need to decide on your own. Let our friendly staff help you make a decision today.