In the hospitality industry, the way your employees dress can often leave a lasting impression on your customers. Let it be a good one. The world is running at a more rapid pace than ever and encounters in the hotel business are usually brief, which means staff are expected to be perfectly-groomed and exhibit the right uniform for the job.
To assist you in dressing your staff in the most appropriate fashion, Al Mona Uniforms can be a trusted partner capable of creating garments that exude professionalism and formality while also emanating friendliness and warmth – the pillars of the hospitality industry. Today, we supply a variety of hotel staff uniforms that are customized to your specific needs, liking and branding. Here are some of the options we offer:
Front Desk Uniforms
These are worn by the people who represent the face of the hotel, as they have the first encounter with the customer. This means it is of utmost importance that they project a positive and lasting impression. Of course, a big part of this is attitude, but also attire. Uniforms need to be smart as well as welcoming and could include classic suits or blazers with vests, worn with pants or skirts that create a distinctive look.
Wait Staff Uniforms
Waiting or wait staff are those who normally look after customers’ needs at restaurants, dining venues or food and beverage outlets. They are generally expected to wear formal dress shirts with suitable accessories. Black vests with pleated pants or skirts can provide them with an elegant and formal look.
Chef Uniforms
The days when chefs were tucked away in the kitchen are long gone. Today, many chefs choose to interact with the customers and may be even seen preparing our meals in an open kitchen. Hence, dressing appropriately is a must. We supply chef jackets with smart pants, chef hats, scarves along with a clean apron to give the master chef and kitchen staff that professional and unique look.
Maintenance Uniforms
Comfort is an important aspect of this job, which generally includes an amount of physical effort. With this in mind, maintenance workers need to be dressed comfortably. Normally, this includes wearing shirts with plain pleated pants for men and women. Quality and durability for these garments are key.
Other hotel staff uniforms we supply include for bell boys, housekeeping and front office employees.